Friday, July 18, 2008

Smelly Animals and Bitchin Rides!!

ok--Whilst I was on my staycation from work, I took my daughter and mother to The African Wildlife Safari Park in Port Clinton, OH--it's basically a drive thru zoo--you can feed and pet the large smelly animals that come up to your car and eat the food you buy from the place. I won the tickets in a radio contect (what--you think I WORK at my job?--puhlease). I thought it would be a kick and somthing to do with a beautiful summer day.

The trip was quick and the day was perfect--but it was pretty warm. Warm air and wild animals makes for SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Ugh--it was pretty bad, but thank the Gods for a breeze.

This guy was BIG!!!!!!

There were crap loads of reindeer, Alpacas, BUFFALO!, Zebras, Longhorn steer and my personal favorite--the Giraffe.

Look Ma--I'm feeding a critter!!

Dude--1984 called, they want their hairdo back!

Ummmm-- Buffalo are REALLY big and stinky--I got up close and personal with this guy.

Kept this guys at a distance--what would hubby say if one of those big ass horns scratch up the Vibster?

Giraffe tongues are actually pretty gross

One very strange animal that I just had to take home with me:

And if you get lost in the park--you just had to read the signs:

OK--this post is too long.... Cedar Point will have to be separate!

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TLC said...

no way! i won tickets from 92.5 two weeks ago and never picked them up -- the bronchitis kicked my butt and i totally forgot. i'm sure they gave them away. oh well.

looks like it would have been fun!