Thursday, June 3, 2010

REALLY ?????????????

Still nothing too exciting going on in my world, but I do have to share a little bit o'the crazy from the in-law front.

We have been sent an announcement for a GRADUATION!!!!  Whose graduation you ask?  Well, I'll be happy to tell's for my just turned 5 year old niece-in-law (you know, daughter of crazy sister-in-law).

They are proud to announce her graduation from PRE KINDERGARTEN and will be having a party at their house for the historic event that we were ALL invited to. 

Ummmm yeah....Graduation from PRE-Kindergarten??  Really?  and not to be a total bitch, but she never really went to Pre-K at a real school, it was at the day care center.

If they are throwing a big backyard barbeque for this, what the hell are they going to do for the kid when she really does something important?  Like graduate from KINDERGARTEN???  Throw a parade????  I wonder what the gift registration will be for that event?

Oh--did I mention that we got this announcement with the party invitation on Sat the 29th??  When is the party you ask?  It was for the next day!  Guess we were an afterthought. 

OH!  I actually do have an announcement of my own!!  DD got an award from school for making Honor Roll for the entire year!  Yeah Child!!  She is so smart--it's scary sometimes.

I'm so proud of her--but I guess I should feel like a failure as a parent since I didn't rent out a skywriter plane to announce it publicly.  I should be ashamed for saying that we would go out for Ice Cream to celebrate her awesome grades.  Bad Mommy!!

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Kelley said...

WHAT?! No gift registry for DD making honor roll?! Congrats to DD for being a smart cookie like her momma!