Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing Special...

Hello all!

After feeling like I have been living in Seattle with all the rain we have had here over the last 2 weeks, I am SO excited that the SUN has come out and will be staying the weekend!  Yeah!!

Not much going on in my world so thus the lack of posting.  But I have been wondering why the hell people leave SPAM comments on people's blogs?/  It's so annoying and I really don't read Chinese or want to click on your links about the best deals on shoes or Viagra--so please don't even bother leaving that crap--I just delete it. 

For the new people who stop by and leave nice comments--thank you so much--it makes my day!!

I don't watch American Idol, but since Crystal Bowersox has made the top 3, Toledo is being inundated with Crystal fever!!  The American Idol crew showed up here last night and every radio station, news station, newspaper--all of it--that's all they have to talk about.  I'm happy she is doing so well and I hope she wins, but really, not everyone gives a crap and wants to hear about it all day.

The BROKE City of Toledo is having a parade and a concert for her downtown today--do you think American Idol is footing the bill for all of that so they can get footage?  I certainly hope so, because we cannot even afford to pay our cops to protect citizens on a daily basis--how can they afford the cost of all the hoopala that is surrounding her visit??  She will be singing at the Toledo MudHens game tonight too--I bet the MudHens are thrilled that they will be making the bucks off of her.  Oh well--good Luck Crystal, I've never heard you sing, but I wish you the best.

Heard back from the radiologist--my boobs show no signs of cancer--so yeah me!!!  I have, however, been sick as a dog for the last 2 freaking weeks coughing and hacking--blech, I'm tired of being sick.

That's all for now I guess--I got nothing!  Seacrest out!


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for your boobs ... cancer free is certainly something to celebrate. I didn't realize Toledo was in such bad shape - sad really. As for us, we're having the queen and Philip come for a visit - yeah for us Canadians - and I wonder how many millions of dollars it's gonna cost us this time. Take care, Jeannie