Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pain and Suffering--it's sucks being a woman

OK--I'm all for the Save the Tatas campaign and such, but there is NO WAY IN HELL that I am willingly having another mammogram!  That shit hurts!!!!!!!!

It was quick and I guess the tech was good, but seeing as I have been "blessed" in the boobage department, there was no way I way getting out of there pain free. 

It's SO not fair!  We women birth the children, take the birth control (which involves yearly invasion of our lady bits) and now I have to get my boobs smashed in the torture chamber?  Men invented ALL of this crap I tell you. 

Why don't they have to do anything?????  Yeah, they are SUPPOSED to go get check ups--but no one MAKES them--no one threatens to withhold their birth control prescription if they don't come in and get checked out.  (hmmmmm, could I threaten to close up "the cookie shop" if he won't go to the dr?--well, that would only hurt me too I guess).  It's just not right!  Maybe they should have to have a "turn and cough" check up of their own every year to get a BEER license or a GOLF license--that would get them wouldn't it.

The tech showed me my boob shots--kind of interesting, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but then again, who am I?  She did say--"Oh, don't worry, but now that we have gone all digital, the majority of people get called back after their baseline to get additional screening--just because we don't know what your boobs are supposed to look like"  W.T.F.??????????????  This is supposed to give you a BASELINE of what my boobs look like--if you don't see anything out of whack--then leave me the fuck alone until next time--if something changes, we'll worry about it then. 

I am just so sick off all this Dr/hospital/testing stuff--I'M OVER IT!  Blech!


maniacski said...

I am refusing to have it done...Never had one one don't think I ever will. Congrats to you for going through the torture.I miss you.

Shannon said...

I had it done 2 years ago and so not fun. I'm blessed in the boob department as well and decided if I had to be in pain I was going to make jokes and irritate the tech because I wasn't being still enough. At one point I looked down at my left boob and said I didn't know those puppies could ever get so flat. The tech laughed so hard at this she had to leave the room!
At least she lightened up after that.

Marie said...

I had it done the beginning of the year. Not one of my "top ten wanna do again" experiences.
Had to wait around and have an ultrasound. Why couldn't they have done that to begin with??? The gel used during the ultrasound was cold, but at least it didnt hurt.

Ang said...

I had the honor of being a mamo-virgin when I had mine and two techs in the office decided to fight over who got to be 'my first'WTH?? I've got two- you can each take one, don't fight over my parts- they aren't that great!! Jeesh.

I also thought the views were kind of neat, but they wouldn't let me bring them home-dang. Figured that would be the LEAST they could do!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Moan, moan, moan!

Anonymous said...

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