Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's musings

OK--so I didn't have a great post about Ron White's show....cause really--it wasn't all that great. He was funny yes, but he was SO MUCH funnier last time. Or perhaps it had something to do with my being served a Prime Rib disguised as a BRILLO PAD.

Damn you OUTBACK SNAKE HOUSE! You ruined my night. The bread and salad were good, the drinks slipped down my throat like an elixir, but the Prime Rib? NOT SO VERY PRIME. It should have gone down like Buttah, but it was more like acid tearing at my tender internal organs. Hubby did not enjoy his meal very much either--EPIC FAIL in the food department.

Now my next bit of torture will come tonight as we take DD and 3 of her friends to Chuck E Cheese for some birthday fun. PLEASEFORTHELOVEOFGODSHOOTMENOW!!!!!!!

I will need copious amounts of alcohol to make it thru this night. Help Momma out----Send Vodka!!!

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Kelley said...

Oh honey...I am so SO sorry about Chuck E. Cheese. I'd like to kick that tall rat square in the nuts. Rip off. And our Outback sucks, too! Outback done ruint your night!