Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Crazy--and Dear FAA--WTF???

OK--so some of the little voices in my head are telling me that people are taking this flu thing a little to the extreme. I mean, I understand what they are saying--but if you are sick, get thee to a doctor, get the drugs and go home. Sounds simple non?

BUT--those OTHER little voices creep up and bring to the forefront of my mind that book by Stephen King--THE STAND anyone (where everyone starts dying of the flu--or Captain Tripps)? That book freaked my shit out--and could it be happening?????

I know we have the best healthcare and as Americans in general, we have better nutrition and stuff--so maybe that is why we are not dying like those in Mexico. (Mexico City is about as close to a 3rd world country as you can get without really calling it 3rd world--the filth and poverty I have seen in Mexico is horrible) But I digress--WASH YOUR HANDS AND COVER YOUR MOUTHS PEOPLE!!! Just in case the black crow and the man with the red eyes is about to make his appearance (read the book if you don't get it)

It also brings to mind a Ron White funny: The "threat level" system we have here is very confusing. It scares old people and they do not know what to do. Ron thinks we should only have 2 threat levels: 1) GET A HELMET and 2) PUT THE HELMET ON! I agree--keep it simple!

Along those lines--WHAT IN THE HELL was the FAA thinking and what Ad Agency won a contract to have an image of a fighter jet chasing down a plane in a LOW zone in NEW YORK CITY????? Too soon people, too soon! That was the biggest waste of money I have ever seen and it was in VERY poor taste as well. I mean really? Y'all don't have access to a "green screen"? I have some talented people I work with who could have done that all digitally for you--no waste of fuel and GOVERNMENT (meaning your's and mine) money to do that stupidity! I hope some asses are fired today because of that one. EPIC FAIL people, EPIC. LG shakes head at the FAA people who approved it as well--what morons.

Anyway--those are the thoughts rambling thru my head today!!

OH WAIT--I just found out that the retirement home my 93 year old GRANDMOTHER lives in is on lockdown. Some nutter went over to kill his wife at work today. Did I mention that he is out on bail for trying to do the same thing to her last month????? He hit her with a crowbar and they cannot find him or her in the facility--NICE! I am sure that there will be an old person or 2 that has issues after this. Sunset House is in the hoity toity Ottawa Hills area and is a VERY nice mansion turned into a retirement community--this is NOT going to go over well. What the hell kind of security is going on there? I have to sign away my first born to get in there sometimes--this turkey just strolls in with a CROWBAR in hand (and the news is saying possibly a GUN) and just goes about his business? AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

I cannot get thru to my Grandmother--I just hope she is down in her room listening to the "Pope on Tape ministry" thingy I got her for CHristmas--maybe she is oblivious to it all happening.....crazy people man

GRANDMA EDIT: Grandma is fine--but the SWAT team was kind of camped outside her window and the ran the lady they rescued right past her window--I got to watch it all happen on TV--GREAT! The guy surrendered--all is well (as can be I guess)

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Kelley said...

OMG, hope your Grammy is OK! The airplane thing pissed me off as well. Who's the numbnuts who's out of a job because of this brainfart?