Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Went with the Wind.....

Anyone who knows me will admit that my favorite movie of all time is Gone With the Wind. I have every version and have read the book cover to cover more times than I can count. YOu can understand that when I heard of the passing of Harvey Korman, my first thoughts were of his time on the Carol Burnett show--so, when searching for memories of the late Harvey Korman, I found the best sketch ever. Man I loved watching that. God Speed Harvey!!


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Kelley said...

I was so sad to hear about Harvey Korman passing! One of my favorite memories of my childhood is homemade pizza and the Carol Burnett Show on Saturday nights. It's kind of sad that the variety show fell by the wayside, but honestly, The Carol Burnett Show was probably the best combination of talent ever. No way you could re-create that magic!