Wednesday, December 8, 2010

UGH! I know, I know--major blog fail!

OK--so here is my official Mea Culpa!  I'm sorry for abandoning my blog for over 3 months.  It's just that life is moving waaay too fast for my liking lately and time is just slip, slip slipping away....

So much has gone on since August--DD has started the 4th grade--and I'm glad she is so smart so she can teach me how to do her math homework so I can "check" it for her when she is done.  What the hell has happened with Math?  Since when are "estimates" ok when it comes to math?  Math is finite--or at least it used to be.  And Algebra already?  Blah--kill me!

DD is also still doing her horseback riding lessons and loving every minute of it--she is quite good actually.  Inher first competition, she won 2 blue ribbons and a 3rd and a 5th!  Good job kiddo--I'm so glad she has found her "thing".  She is never happier than when she is on a horse.

In outlaw news....

We survived another crazy Thanksgiving with the out-laws.  I'm sure we are on the major shit list because everyone has been informed that we are not buying ANYTHING for the adult bros and siss on his side.  We are taking care of his parents and the nieces and nephew--but we have just removed ourselves all together from the stupidity of the "others".  We are much happier in making this decision--especially after what happened at the "after dinner meeting of the imbeciles" that comes once the Thanksgiving meal is over.

Anyone who has been reading for a while knows about the "lists" that must be provided of things you want for Christmas.  Which is bad enough for the Children, but when the grown adults come with their list of greed, it's sickening.  This year was banner--because no one could really come up with anything they "needed", they just decided to go thru all the ads in the Thanksgiving paper and write down what they thought would be cool to get. 

WTF???????????  That is what we used to do when we were 6 years old and the JC Penny catalog showed up---not what you do as a grown up.  It just makes me sick.  The topper is from the husband of SIL #2.  He basically asked for cash!  They have no money to put clothes on their kid that fit or fix their broken down POS cars, but he wants to buy a gun (because he works in a pawn shop and feels he needs to pack some "good heat").  So he said that his number one & only thing on his list this year was a Visa Gift Card.  WTF! AGAIN! 

SOOO Glad we are not going to the family party this year (hubby has to work and they won't change the date or time) so I will happily send the gifts in the mail to the little kids and not give their crazy another thought!!

and in other news...

A big F-YOU to the idots at Aetna Insurance.  I come home the other day to mail from them addressed to my deceased Step-Father!  They would LOVE to set up a time to discuss his medicare part B needs.  OH REALLY?  What a nice slap in the face to get mail for him on the upcoming anniversary of his death.  Thanks a lot Aetna--it's hard enough around the holidays for us, but you just keep rubbing salt in the wounds!  Hubby says that I should call and set up an appointment and make them feel like shit when they come out and I present them with his death certificate. but I'm not that hateful (or am I?  Hmm...)  What is weird is that Bud never lived with us and the only things I had sent her with his name on them were the life insurance payouts and the death certificates--so how in the hell did Aetna get their hands on his info???  Stupid computers!  Oh--and just for the record--a piece of advice--never have life insurance payouts or "final arrangment" things sent to the home of the deceased--even if that is where the benficiary lives--idiot theiving assholes of the world will "stalk" your mailbox looking for that type of crap--that is why we had it all sent to my house.

Well--since the odds are good that I will have major "fail" when it comes to this blog, I better tell you Merry Chirstmas now--may you have peaceful and blessed times in your homes this holiday season!!

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Ang said...

Good to hear from you!! You survived another holiday! yay!! Good idea with the gifts, I'd probably do the same. Sad part is as the kiddos of that bunch get older they will probably be the same greedy way. Nuts.

No problem about the blog, mine goes in fits and starts...then drops off, lol. Some crazy things going on in my world and I can't reveal all yet but in time....things are looking up!! :-D
Merry Christmas to you too!!