Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where the hell have I been??

To tell the truth, there has been so much crazy going on that I cannot even find the time to breathe--forget about writing on my blog.

Work is kicking my ass--doing the work of 4 people is truely beginning to take it's toll--and Aunt Flo stopped by this week so I was on the warpath--it's a wonder I still HAVE my job. But if they fired me--who would get anything done? Kind of a win-win for me. Sucks for everyone else who had to tolerate my vicious PMDD mood swings this past week. Sorry, my bad.

I have been solving that problem nightly though with the love of my life:

Probably not the best thing for my liver--but it's the best thing for my sanity right now.

Things that have gone on in the last month...hmmmm..Oh! I turned 41 --whoopdy freaking do!! That sucked--nothing special went on, so I didn't give it much thought.

Dear Daughter started the 3rd grade--be still my heart, where is the time going????
With that comes all the back to school meetings, mixers, meet the teacher crazy. I have decided to NOT do anything with PTO this year--those cows can play in their own sandbox--I hate the herd mentality and Allah forbid you try and inject some new thoughts into anything--pffttt!

OH--The Duggars are expanding AGAIN--but I made my thoughts known on that in my ONE post for the month--haha!

DD and I made a donation to a wildlife fund and got to play in a cage with a baby tiger!!! That was a chance of a lifetime and I couldn't pass it up. That tiger is going to be almost 900lbs some day--I'll play with him now while he's about 20lbs thanks!! I have pics on my Facebook for "those in the know" to see. I'll try and put one up here too.

A friend of mine got busted on the job--all I can say is learning to keep your dick in your pants is a pretty big step in growing up. Try and remember that now that you could have possibly just lost your career.

Hubby's job is going well, he made it to the 90 day point and they gave him a shirt--so I guess he gets to stay! HAHA!

I think I want to write a book or screenplay on the crazy that goes on in my neighborhood--Marc Cherry and the Desperate Housewives have NOTHING going on compared to the insanity that is my 'hood.


I think that's all I've got!!

Peace out! Sorry I suck!

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