Monday, December 15, 2008


OK--I went and finally saw this yesterday. Is it wrong to be crushing on a boy that is a whole person old enought to vote younger than me?

Robert Pattinson is HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moive was pretty good--stays true to the book for the most part. I do have to say that New Moon--the movie will be quite a bit less interesting without Edward in 90% of the show. HE has such a minor part in that book--up until the end anyway. Not sure I could get into a movie with just Bella and Jacob for the most part.

I asked for Breaking Dawn for Christmas, because I really couldn't think of much more I wanted--but I REALLY don't think I can wait to read it. I've read some spoilers and I really want to read the book.

Can I borrow someones copy and "secret squirrel" read it???--then I can be happy--and still be excited about getting my own copy from Santa!!!


Kelley said...

OMG! I thought I was the only Twilught cougar around! Pattinson is very HOT, but I am having an issue with the dear boy's eyebrows. They make him look like a muppet at times. A really hot vampire muppet! I'm picking up Eclipse this week and I may go ahead and get Breaking Dawn, too.

As far as the movie goes, it was about what I expected. Kristin Stewart looks like what I thought Bella should look like, but girlfriend needs to learn to act. I was a little underwhelmed by her performance; she seemed pretty monotone throughout the whole thing.

I'm hoping New Moon will be better since they fired the Twilight director. We'll see!

Lurker Girl said...

Oh God--a COUGAR!! HAHAHA!! I'd love to show the boy around the town a bit--but it just feels so wrong!!!

TLC said...

i've seen the movie 3 times (yes, in fact, i AM addicted!). and, i've read the books twice (so far). actually, i'm in the middle of the 2nd reading of breaking dawn.

the movie gets better each time you see it -- really, it does. you catch little things too that you might miss the 1st time. (same thing applies to the books on a 2nd read).

edward IS hot. oh my. i think new moon will be a '3 hankie' movie when he leaves her. i'm eager to see how it translates to the screen.

ok..i could go on..but won't. except to say: go to stephanie meyer's web site and read the partial draft of "Midnight Sun" -- it's Edward's perspective of the story in 'Twilight' and it's amazing. [the draft was leaked online w/out her permission so she may never finish it and publish it. which is why it's linked @ her at least we can read what was started].

Kelley said...

I really wish she would publish Midnight Sun. The bit that she's posted on her website really makes me want to read the rest.

Re: New Moon movie, I too wonder how they will film it, as Edward is missing from 2/3 of the book. I'm thinking that instead of Bella just hearing his voice when she puts herself in danger, she'll have full blown hallucinations, and maybe they'll do scenes of him in Italy with the Voulturi, rather than just having Alice relay her visions to Bella.

TLC said...

kelley..i'm w/ you: i want her to finish Midnight Sun. i've read that she might..once the craziness slows down.

that would be cool if they filmed it that way w/ him in Italy.'s gonna be a long 12 months til New Moon is relased. good thing i have Harry Potter to tide me over til then! haha.

i need a hobby.

Lurker Girl said...

I did read the excerpt from Midnight Sun--my God, I think it would be better than Twilight. She does intend on releasing it.

Screw her "feelings", when money gets dangled, she'll write the damn book.

I've decided to be a good girl and wait for Santa--I'll just survive by reading the whole series again.

Hubby thinks I have some sick twisted addiction.....guess what--I do!

I think it's the "wanting what you cannot get" theory. Younger girls don't have a clue and just see the desire. "Mature" readers such as ourselves who have been in marriages/relationships for a while miss that feeling of something fresh and new--that "rush" of new love/lust. Well that's just my theory.

TLC said...

i'm in absolute agreement w/ you about the whole "wanting what you can't get" theory. that's it absolutely! :) i'm glad to see that i am not the only one who was thinking about it that way! :)

Kelley said...

Well, thanks for giving me a great blog topic for today! I have confessed my Twilight love for all the world to witness! The husband can not know of my vampire lust; I'm still getting crap for last spring's David Cook infatuation.

And yeah, I'm with you on your theory. The charm of Bella and Edward is they're both trying to fight what they want in some way, and neither one can quite see what the other sees in them.

I think the way the books are written, it's very easy for younger girls to crush on the semi-chaste relationship. But us more mature gals know that what is alluded to is much hotter than what is written on the page. A really good romance story will let a reader use their imagination. Luckily, I've got a dirty one!