Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goodbye Starbucks--Heeelllllllloooooo Speedway???

OK--since I am of "the poor", Starbucks is just not in my budget--and forget McDonalds--their "McCafe" is sludge and just as expensive. But I have found a NEW love--and I am very surprised!

In a moment of complete exhaustion and desperation, I whipped into the Speedway on Conant to get some sort of morning sustenance. Did you know they have a full BUFFET of coffee and products????? They have a Double Mocha Capp. AND a SHOCKWAVE Mocha capp. ENERGY DRINK AS COFFEE--Praise be!!!!

I wasn't expecting much for .99--but to my complete surprise--it was GOOOOOOOOD. Add my Splenda and a International Delight French Vanilla creamer and sister is ready to roll!! There is a whole "condiment" station with every type of flavored creamer/sugar/substitute you can think of--HEAVEN!!!! No wonder Starbucks is in the toilet. Now, the snob in me still would still like to have a Biggby Mocha Mocha every once in a while--but this will do just nicely!!

So--in these hard economic times--I hope you give your wallet a break and try one.


t.w.i.t. said...

I will forward this to my neighbor--he is the beverage buyer for all of the Speedways in the Midwest. When it comes to what beverages are available in Speedway stores, he's the decider ;-)

I tried the McDonald's cafe drinks and they do, indeed, suck. I will have to remember to hit up Speedway the next time I have the urge to go to Sbux and drop $4+ on a coffee drink.

Lurker Girl said...

Cool--can I give you my Speedway card number and have him add some mega points to it for the product endorsement???? HAHA!!!!

Kelley said...

Well, they don't have Speedway in my neck of the woods, but we do have Quik Trip, and QT does offer a decent mocha latte for like $1.25. They also have fresh donuts, yum. I'm trying to limit my trips to my favorite coffee shop, Scooters, to once every two weeks. Their chocolate chocolate-chip muffins are to die for, but if I get a latte and a muffin, that's $7!! My name ain't Trump, people!