Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Calling out on the BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

OK--it cannot just be me who finds something wrong with this:

In West Hollywood, a white republican (Palin) manequin hangs in effigy on a main road.
W. T. F????????????? According to WEHO's mayor--it's Free Speech and personal freedom on private property.

Believe me, if it was an African American manequin hanging there, the "good" Reverend Al and Jesse would be losing their shit over it. Marches would be held, rallies would be happening and people would trespass onto the property to have it taken down as it would be considered a "hate Crime" by the black community.

BULLSHIT--it works both ways people

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Kelley said...

It was completely wrong. Yeah, it may be 'freedom of speech' but don't you think our founding fathers figured that people would use some common sense once in a while? The First Ammendment, IMO, doesn't excuse someone from behaving like a douche nozzle.