Monday, September 15, 2008

The Wal-Marts.......sigh

OK--I normally avoid Wal-Mart like the plague--because really--have you seen some of the folks there--they HAVE the plague--(especially the one in Bowling Green--you can build a new Wal-Mart, but the same old scary dirty Wal-Mart lives on in the clientel) I digress...

So dear daughter and I had to run some errands on Sat. We just happened to venture into Toledo because I had to secret shop a store there (yeah, yeah--I'm a "Secret Shopper"--shhhhh, don't tell) Anyheew--we were on Central Ave and after looking at a few places for Halloween costumes, I decided to give old Wally World on Central a chance. I figured that the new WM in Perrysburg wasn't so bad--so maybe the one near Sylvania wouldn't be so horrendous either.

SWEET 8lb, 5oz swaddled in a sack cloth baby Jesus! I was wrong!

It was all kinds of crazy in there-but I can deal with that--it's the out and out RUDENESS of people that I have trouble with. I mean REALLY--did yo mama never share the words, Excuse Me or Pardon Me>

--or do you just not know that it really PISSES ME OFF when you ram your cart full of crap into the back of my legs??? I wasn't walking and suddenly stopped you ass--I was already standing in one spot, firmly planted, look at the Fall decorations. I didn't appear out of no where, I was there PRIOR to you and your passle of snot noses, poorly dressed, dirty rug-rats arriving in the isle. Then when I about fell over from the impact of your cart, you have THE NERVE to look at me and say--"can't you see I've got a cart here?" I replied, "yes--but didn't you see that a PERSON is standing here and move your ass around me?" ( I was not in the middle of the isle--I was close to the products--she just wanted to walk down her side, and push the cart to the left of her--blocking the whole damn isle.)

Oh the death glares that escaped your toothless, meth pocked-marked face should have made me tremble, but NO--I will not be intimidated by you, your wife beater wearing baby daddy and your army of lice-bearing children (Oh I don't know that for sure, but there was a lot of head scratching going on--so I'm going there). I was so mad--but I didn't move and proceed to look at the items--and I got called a f-ing bitch and they moved on.

If this was the only thing that went wrong, I'd have let it go to poor breeding (Literally), but it just seems to be the norm at Wal-mart--rude people, no courtesy--out only for myself and screw you too. Why is that? What is WRONG with Wal-mart that people lose their damn minds when they go in there?

In other developments--DD did find a costume--no surprize to any mother of a 7 year old girl, but she is going as Hannah Montana--so much for being an original kid.....but at least I got to get the hell out of Wal-Mart before I got shanked.....


TLC said...

yeah, the "super" walmart in sylvania is not so great. i try to avoid wal mart normally because, yeah, the sheer number of rude, nasty, just freaky people there is just scary. i mean, c'mon it's in sylvania for crying out loud. where are the rich folks? haha. kidding. sort of.

it has to be said: wal mart scares me.

if only we had a super target in town! that would be cool.

Kelley said...

OMG, it's a Walmarts thing! I had to go there last night. Why oh why do the unclean masses all converge there on the very evening I choose to go and get laundry detergent and other necessities? Why do people insist on letting their 5-year old child push the cart? He can't see over the top of the stupid thing and drives it like my grandmother did her '71 Nova. Which was not very well.

We found Kai a costume, too. The Grim Reaper with a chest plate that has real fake blood pulsating through it.