Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCafe my lilly white butt........

I am SO peeved at McDonald's this morning.

Today was just "one of those mornings" where nothing went right and I had no time to make some "home brew". I noticed the other day that Mickey D's in Waterville is now serving Mochas--rock on--I'm there!

I go to the Drive-thru, choke on the fact that I am paying MCDONALDS $3.29 for a large Mocha, get my drink and head out to zip down the trail for work.

I thought the drink seemed a little "light" for a Large--and then I felt it and it was warm only half way up the cup--I opened up the lid and the damn thing is only half full of coffee--the other half is full of whip cream (Oh, did I mention that I said "very light whip" with my order). So I basically got a SMALL coffee and a crap load of whip cream.

THEN--I tasted it. OMG--I think McDonalds has found a way to serve up burnt ASS.

Now, I am a relatively new coffee drinker--only started to drink it because I had to mystery shop some Starbucks in the area--and decided to try the crap out--and--I'm hooked. I realize that espresso is a more concentrated coffee and is stronger--but I don't think SLUDGE is what the Italians had in mind. Really--this is the WORST thing I have ever tasted. I came into work and added about 4 Splenda's and it's only bearable. I could have paid only a little more and stopped into Beaners down the street from my office and gotten a delicious cup of yummiliciousness (new word--Jot that down).

I think an call into the Waterville store is in order--this is unacceptable! Don't go getting all "high faluten" and compete in the specialty coffee market if you are not willing to do it right.


TLC said...

oh wow...i was going to try a McD's mocha, but i don't think i will after this review! thanks for saving me $3.29! :)

yeah, beaners/biggby...oh how i love them. pumpkin spice latte, teddy bears, omg.

you secret shopped starbucks? how cool. :)

Kelley said...

I tried McDonald's latte once. I think it made me sterile. That was the vilest thing I've ever drank, even worse than warm Jager shots. Someone should shoot Ronald for serving up this crap.