Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4 Months = Fear

ok--it's been 4 months since my hubby lost his job. Nothing job wise is on the horizon, nothing at all. He applies for jobs and doesn't even get an interview--now I know he is trying to start his own business, but the "safety net" of unemployment is soon to come to an end--not that unemployment provides half of the money he needs to even pay his portion of the bills each month--but at least it's something.

I want him to take the job hunting seriously, but when does it cross the line of being a "nag" and just coming straight out and demanding he go an get a job--any job--we need the money to start coming BACK in instead of just bleeding out. It's obvious--to me anyway--that this "home business" thing is not going to bring in the income he thinks it is--there will have to be a supplimentle job in there somewhere--so why not go find it?

I just I am just so angry about having to go back to work full time, missing out on things I USED to be able to do with my daughter and him not picking up the slack around the house. I mean--getting him to even do a load of laundry is like asking him to cut off his arm. He will drag it all down to the machine and throw in a load--and there it sits until I get home to finish it all--and since our laundry room is right off our kitchen, it's not like I can just ignore the fact that he has laundry laying all over the place--not getting done. I'm not wired that way. Is it asking too much for some help? It was one thing when I only worked about 25-30 hours a week and he worked 40 plus--I did the stuff around the house and considered it the rest of my "job". Now I work 40 plus hours and have the same crap to do when I get home. I resent it so much. That and I see our checking account dwindling down to nothing at all. UGH I HATE THIS.

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American Girl said...

My husband was out of work for two - count 'em - two years. I was unemployed for one of those years and pregnant.

It's tough. It's scary. He's depressed. You probably are, too. Fear begets anger. Unemployment really puts a marriage to the test. I really feel for you. Sarah