Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby...........

Alright--obviously someone did NOT get the memo that I am totally over winter. The ice and wind last night were totally out of control--all of my North facing windows were iced over and I thought for sure one of them would just break with all the pelting of ice--it went on for HOURS last night.

I then wake up to the lovely fact that it turned over to snow--FIVE INCHES of the lovely stuff--on top of the ice. The drive to work was simply divine this morning.

Another shout out to the idiots in the 4x4's. Hey--ICE MAKES IT EVEN HARDER TO STOP YOU FOOLS! I just don't get it. Semi's were doing 35 on the highway in front of me and the dumbasses in their pick-em-up trucks just think they can keep on flying by. Ugh!!!

Did I mention that I am OVER winter??????????

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Kelley said...

So, I guess you don't like winter? How did the lasagna turn out? I wanted to freeze half of mine, but other people around here had a different idea!