Thursday, March 13, 2008

Girl Scouts.....why you crazy????

OK--so I THOUGHT that introducing my daughter to the wonderfulness of the Girls Scouts would be a great experience.


We have a nut case for a troop leader (hereby known as Troup Moron)--and I think some of us mom's may stage a coup and over throw her for next year. (She has been the leader for her daughter's group and moves with them each year--SUCKAGE!)

So we go to Scouts last night (and at 3.50 a gallon, I'm not driving back home to drive back in an hour--so I stay). There was an "INCIDENT" Names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

Here's how the "incident" happened--all the girls planted some petunias (which should start growning my CAR any day now because the troup moron had them plant in containers with HOLES in it--so my car is full of dirt and seeds from the 3 little angels that I transported back and forth).

After planting, they had to go in and wash their hands--well 7 girls and one sink (sounds kinky no?), you are going to have issues--screaming, yelling, water flying and general girl drama ensues. MY DD thought Dear Friend's Daughter spit on her and DD said something hateful to her and DF'DD pushed her in the neck and there was drama--but they came out and I told them that I am sure it was just water that got splashed--not spit, DF'DD didn't mean it, get over it and be nice to each other--and they were fine. Thought it was over....

Then little BIOTCH Troup Moron's DD starts saying--DF'DD, you're mean, you're not nice, you choked DD--blah blah blah, DF'DD gets upset and starts to cry.

OTHER Troup helper asks her what is wrong, and DF'DD said TM'DD is being mean to her and saying bad things (because really, my DD and DF'DD were fine, I took care of it and it was over--they moved on)-so DF'DD got upset that TM'DD was still starting crap.

Troup Moron starts asking Little BIOTCH what her problem is and then LB starts bawling and screaming and running around the chuch basement--with TM hobbling after her (she has one leg longer than the other--didn't notice that before). LB is screaming--DON'T FOLLOW ME!! DON"T FOLLOW ME--all the while, TM is following her.

LB runs into the bathroom and slams the door. TM is on the outside of the door yelling at her to let her in--she goes in and they are having it out in the bathroom.She finally come out with LB (Little biotch) and has all 3 girls come together, apologise and make peace. THE END.

It was totally Jerry Freaking Springer going on and poor OTHER TROUP HELPER is just trying to keep the other girls on their projects. Total freak show--if I only had a cam-corder going!!

I remember Girl Scouts being a little less dramatic non?

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Kelley said...

Holy CRAP! Yeah, my GS troop was way mellow. It was the 70s. Our uniforms were double-knit. There was no drama because who wants to draw attention to herself when she's wearing green double-knit?

We dealt with the Cub scout leaders from you know where last year and ended up leaving that pack.