Friday, May 9, 2008

# 18!!! Why you so CRAZY????????

All right people! I just about flipped when Meredith Viera gave the teaser--I just knew that crazy woman was knocked up AGAIN! I just don't see 1) how this can be healthy and 2) why in the HELL you would want to do this. God may give you blessings, but he also gives you a brain--try using it every once in a while.

Ugh--better her than me I guess.


Kelley said...

Better her than any of the rest of us! Can you imagine that family's carbon footprint? They're making a huge ass hole in the ozone with all the disposable diapers they go through.

I just can't see how child #18 will have enough love and attention when mom hands it off to an older sibling so she can resume her duties as broodmare.

American Girl said...

I love that picture! I may have to steal it. Elizabeth Hasselbeck said that the woman has said she will keep having babies as long as Jesus will give them to her. All I thought was that ain't Jesus giving those babies to her. Don't try and pin that on him.

Elaine said...

OH My GOD> I am dying of laughter over this picture!!!!
She needs to quit before she trips over her saggy vag. I mean, really at this point, does she even go through "labor"!?! ...I'm bettin' those babies are just walking out of there with no problem.